Ashna Agarwal
Student, Lilavatibai Podar Senior Secondary School

Comprehensive Thalassemia Care and Pedriatic Hematology Centre: An innovative internship. An enriching experience.

It was an honour to intern with Thalassemia cener wherein I undertook a research project of "Beta Thalassemia: the genotypic and phenotypic correlations".

The findings emphasised how the --- in an effective manner.

Thalassemia Care center provided an enriching environment conducive to learning where I understood the experience of synthesising information collected from 98 patiens and analysing it.

Support Thalassemia

  • Assisted in setting up of four blood drives and fundraising for the chronic patients affiliated with the Samarpan Blood Bank at Sarvodaya Hospital during the summer
  • Initiated awareness drives
  • Letter to the PM for need of stringent laws

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    Research Volunteer

    Passionate about research, I converted my vacation into a wondrous experience wherein I assisted a PHD student from Mithibai College, Mumbai in her research project.

    I studied the usage of herbal plants like “Galega officinalis” in the treatment of Type 2 diabetes